Ted's Restaurant

Table Talk at a Birmingham Restaurant

Our schedules can be so busy these days. With kids going here and there and getting over the holiday crunch time, it’s hard trying to make time for family meals, and more importantly, time together around the table.


When we started thinking about how we were going to separate ourselves from other Birmingham restaurants, we realized that what sets us apart is our sense of family.

The space in between good food and good family is filled by the table. That’s why we have created the Table Talk Blog.

When we bought Ted’s in 2000, we had no idea what kind of blessing it would turn out to be. Ted’s has given us the opportunity to meet wonderful people & make many new friends here in our community.

We thought we were just buying a meat and three restaurant in Birmingham, but we quickly realized it was worth so much more than that! We were now responsible to continue the tradition of providing home cooked southern meals to a city of very loyal customers.

Since we didn’t grow up in Birmingham, owning Ted’s has allowed us to get to know the community. We have grown to love Birmingham!

Growing up in a Greek family, we always had the “family dinner.” A big meal where we would all gather after a busy day to catch up.

Today, with our busy lives and hectic schedules, this is difficult; however, we do try to gather the kids for a meal several times a week.

Eating at Ted’s is an extension of our family table. Once you have eaten here a few times, you are part of our family.

Over the years, lots of great conversations, ideas and arguments have occurred over a Ted’s table.

Tasos is famous for stopping by your table to check on your meal, but he quickly becomes part of your conversation!

Our passion for food goes beyond serving up great breakfast and lunch in Birmingham, AL. It comes from the great feeling you get when you mix good food, good conversation, and the feeling of building a community.

Everything we talk about here is going to be themed around food and “the experience”.

We will have local and regional food bloggers stop by and give us a glimpse of their take on Birmingham’s local restaurant scene. It’s going to be deliciously fun.

So make sure you make time, and take time, to stay connected with us on this journey.

It’s all around the table, and it’s all about the table.

Ted’s Table Talk.